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Live Capoeira Strong Bambas Seattle 2023

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Our annual event will be held on June 21st-24th. With special guests from around the world, workshops, and the cord ceremony. Join us for a fun-filled week of Capoeira!


Confirmed Guests

Mestre Xereu (Brazil)

Mestre Demétrius (Texas, USA)

Mestre Curisco (Washington, USA)

Mestre Sazuki (Czech Republic)

Mestre Jamaika (Salt Lake City, USA)

Mestre Muralha (California, USA)

Mestre Rafael (Minnesota, USA)

Mestra Dendê (Brazil)

Mestre Maranhao (New York, USA)

C.Mestra Guerreira (Washington, USA)

C. Mestre Jabá (Washington, USA)

Professor Fabrício (Washington, USA)

Professor Cobrinha (Washington, USA)

Professor Reco (Washington, USA)

Professor Esquilo (Washington, USA)

Professora Água Viva (Washington, USA)

Professor Sérgio (Washington, USA)

Professora Shitara (Washington, USA)

Professor Félix (Czech Republic)

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