Batizado/ Open Candeias USA Seattle

Updated: Jul 8

POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.  This event is being organized by Contra Mestre Fenix and Professor Fabricio, it will include Candeias Seattle and Candeias Eastside batizado! Is this your first event? Things you should expect: workshops will be taught by different Capoeira teachers that have traveled from different countries or states to be at our event. These workshops are generally followed by a roda (workshops plus roda can end up being several hours long). During batizado week it is very important to be well nourished, rested and prepared. Since each day will likely be several hours of capoeira, it is important to bring water and snacks with you. Please come prepared each day with a clean uniform and ready to learn, this event is for you and you represent our group. You will meet our Mestres from Brazil as well as many others from different groups. This is your opportunity to learn and ask questions. Our batizados are events that we host as a group and this involves pick up/drop offs and housing guests. If you are able to volunteer in any way, please let us know. Batizado Day This is usually an all day event filled with performances and the cord ceremony. 


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