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Krav Maga

Self Defence Training
Improve your skills through self-confidence and a sense of cooperation with others.


Krav Maga is open to all ages, genders, body types, and levels. This style of martial arts is a distinct form of self-defense against real world situations. Krav Maga is a combative style martial arts that has a great emphasis on defense against all variety of attacks. Through our programs, students will learn various strikes, ground work, take downs, and escapes. We strive to improve your self-confidence, teach you techniques of self-defense, help improve your general fitness, strength and general physical conditioning; as well as provide an atmosphere in where you can safely release stress. 

                 Improve the society in which we live

Krav Maga Instructors

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Junio Franco was born in Minas Gerias, Brazil. He started practicing Krav Maga in 2013 because of his admiration for the martial art and the Israeli culture. His passion for the sport grew and in 2021 he graduated with a black belt. In 2022 he was given the title of Master. 

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Adriana Jaculo was born in Minas Gerias, Brazil. She has earned a green belt in 2021 and was given the title of Professora in 2022. 


We believe that Krav Maga can transform and inspire people by helping in the development of important principles to an individual such as respect, discipline, commitment, and persistence, brought by the essence of the sport.

Transform and Inspire

Call us now at  (206) 422-6852 or fill out the form to sign up. Our friendly staff will contact you to schedule or answer any questions.

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